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Discover  the geocaching supplies at the
Pusey Lake Pirates' Cache Stash

N45° 02.267´ W078° 13.383´

A real bricks and mortar Geocaching Store in the middle of the Geocaching Capital of Canada. The Cache Stash has everyting you need to hide or seek a cache.

We are an official Groundspeak distributor and also have exclusive Geocaching Capital of Canada items and souvenirs.

GeoCoins and Geocaching Trinkets
We have a lot of cool gadgets and fun toys and trinkets that are perfect for trading at the geocaches you find. 

We sell UV Lights to help you with the super fun night caches!

Come see us to get your Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour certificates and Stickers.
Read all about the GeoTour and the GeoArt on the Geocaching Capital of Canada website.